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The Art of the Exit: Picking the Path

At some time in the future, you are going to want the option to take your company public or exit your company via its sale or merger. Planning for such an event should start well in advance because you need to make your company conform to a set of performance metrics that will interest acquirers, merger partners, or public market investors.

The process these days is more challenging than in the past because the business world is changing at an ever-increasing pace. Business life cycles are shortening, competitive threats materialize faster and customer requirements are changing more rapidly.

You have spent years building your business. From the spark of an idea to securing capital, to operationalizing your business model, to building your team, to driving business growth … you have done it all and have the scars to prove it. Protect that investment by preparing now with a company exit plan.

Hire the Best or Lose the Race

On this episode, John Grillos and Andy Hedrick discuss the topic of “Hire the Best or Lose the Race” following John’s recent article on the subject. This is a very relevant topic in an era where companies are looking to hire top talent and grow revenues on the heels of the Great Resignation.


  • John’s New York Stock Exchange IPO experience and group photo with Maria Bartiromo (Fox Business News), Dick Grasso (formed Head of the NYSE), and others
  • The benefits of hiring the best in winning the race
  • John's experiences as Chairman, CEO and COO across multiple companies
  • The biggest challenges facing CEOs today
  • The benefits of hiring right in growing the value of your company including multiple experiences
  • John’s coaching and mentoring solutions
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Growing a Company’s Management in the Covid Disrupted Business Environment

Covid is likely making you rethink important aspects of your business. Critical to surviving and thriving will be the decisions you make about your management team. If you do not have the right people to implement needed changes in your business strategy/model, then you need to retrain who you have and/or hire new key contributors. Roles that may need strengthening include management team members, members of the board of directors and advisors.

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Surviving During and Thriving After Covid

55 minute coaching lecture for Startups and Early Stage companies with advice on strategy, operations and financing alternatives. The resource is the deck used in the lecture.

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Fund Raising During the Covid Crisis

Guidance for companies seeking to raise equity or debt.


Surviving During and Thriving after the Covid Crisis for Established Companies

Guidance for established companies for navigating the forces that Covid has put into play.


Surviving During and Thriving after the Covid Crisis for Startups and Early Stage Companies

Guidance for startups and early stage companies for navigating the forces that Covid has put into play.

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PowerPoint deck from the Short Course on Starting a Company

This deck is the slides that go with the Short Course Lecture on Starting a Company. It is included for those that want to skim the content to see if it satisfies an interest they have.

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Short Course on Starting a Company

This mini-course deals with three issues all startups face. Is it best to be the first to market or a fast follower? Can a startup win over a large established competitor? Can the “Minimum Viable Product” model help with speed and timing? The course focuses on software and services related product lines but the issues discussed apply to a much broader range of industries.

Exit Strategy

Exit Strategy Guidance and Check List

The purpose of this document is to tell company owners what to expect should they decide to sell their company or merge it with another unrelated entity. It deals with five topics; planning for an exit, picking an advisor, the process, expected bumps along the way, and the data that needs to be furnished in support of the process. The M&A process is complex and getting it right is essential to maximizing the return on your years of effort. I can coach you through the process to maximize the likelihood of the outcome you desire. Contact me.