The Art of the Exit:

Choosing Your Exit Path and Maximizing Value When You Get There

Don't leave money on the table when you cash out of your business or go public

If you wait until it is time for a financial exit to consider value maximization you are going to leave money on the table. It takes time, often years, to position your company for a value maximized exit. This book guides you through the process of determining what you need to do to maximize the value of your company at the exit, which exit paths are most open to you, and what to expect from the exit process. I make the case that planning for your exit is more important now than ever.

Here is why:
First, change in all aspects of our personal and business lives continues to accelerate at an ever-increasing rate, compressing the life cycle of all companies.

Second, accelerating innovation is creating product and service competition for or outright disruption of your company at an increasing rate from competitors all over the shrinking globe.

Third, the Covid-caused disruption was like a time machine that landed us some years into a future that had been approaching at a slower rate, and I believe that more such interruptions in how we do things are likely in our future.

Fourth, the longer you wait for an exit the less of the total wealth that you achieve from an exit will go into your pocket. Massive government debt and the need to spend trillions of dollars on things like infrastructure and climate change mitigation will inevitably cause tax increases, and the capital gains tax rate is at the top of the list of likely large rate increase.

I hope this book helps you navigate to the exit outcome you desire. I wrote this book to share with you what I have experienced first-hand  as a Venture Capitalist, entrepreneur, turnaround CEO and CEO coach. Add to that the experience I have gained as a board of directors’ member, often the Chairman of the Board, in over two dozen companies where I played a key contributing role in helping management teams get to the exit end zone.

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